Our Story

Nanaimo Lock And Key can offer you not only comprehensive range of locksmith solutions, we have smart solutions for people who are looking for the best products in the security field. Our mission is to help you to protect yourself and and your property during the day and night. When we are hiring our locksmith techs in Nanaimo, we always trained them and want them to be highly experienced and to “hold gang of smart ideas” in case of emergency!

Not Just Regular Service!

When we are providing you not  only a regular service such as car lockout or lock rekeying services, We want to find you the most suitable solutions which are now available in the market! Nanaimo Lock And Key are here for you 24 hour a day, and available during business hours as well as holydays such as Thanksgiving new year celebration and other. Don’t you ever forget that when you need to consult a professional locksmith over the phone in Nanaimo BC, we at Nanaimo Lock And Key are more then just welcoming you to call us, because for us every client is treating as a family member!

 Nanaimo Lock And Key

Why Us?

4 Years of experience in the locksmith field

Fast response

High quality products

Mobile service

24 hour service

Emergency service inside and outside the city of Nanaimo

Service Around The Clock!

Don’t forget that you can rely on us due do man years of experience, and our locksmith in Nanaimo is consider as master when it comes to the security concerns! We want to categorized our company which have been built itself on high skills, and experience, and to be Nanaimo’s premier locksmith service. Our commitment to our clients is to offer them dependable, and professional service 24 hour a day that’s means that they can count on us for their home and business safety!